Virginia Larena Fall 2014
Spain (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid), International Center Erasmus+ Internship
I have been in Istanbul for 5 months doing my internship at the International Center in Istanbul Bilgi University. It has been an amazing experience! I would like to thank Erasmus + Program to give the students the opportunity to study abroad and all my colleagues for all the support and help that I received. It was a great experience working with more interns from different countries as France, Germany, Finland and Turkey and so enriching learning and spend time with them.
I feel so lucky to have the chance to enjoy Istanbul. Even though, it is a huge city and sometimes so chaothic, the Bosphorus view and its heritage places are so beautiful and full history. Although, it is a different culture people was so friendly and hospitable. I aslo tried to learn a litle bit of Turkish to get more involve in the culture thanks to the Turkish Language Course that I did in the Campus.
Thanks for this nice experience!
Katherine Stacey M. BrownSpring 2014
USA (Macalester College, Minnesota), Sociology, Laureate Exchange
My experience at BILGI this semester has helped me to grow not only academically, but it has also helped me to clarify my personal goals. I’ve had the chance to explore Istanbul, an incredible city that has supported my academic goals with it’s rich history and diversity. The professors at BILGI have done a very good job of understanding international students’ needs and at contextualising a lot of their lectures accordingly. I have been very pleased with how I have been able to meet people from all over the world and to experience the city together and then to have discussions that are relevant to what we are experiencing and seeing in Istanbul but also to our academic courses. I am coming out of the semester with a much better understanding of Turkey’s place in the world as well as how I personally fit into the world.